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    When all is said and done, favors given to those guests who were able to attend will both feel appreciated and be reminded of the day whenever they look at that favor. When sending out the invitations include an R.S.V.P. request that may ask about any known food allergies. Event thought: Always consider your budget when planning a bash.
    Luau PartyThe best way to advertise your summer luau party is to make the biggest statement possible. An easy way to do this is to make or buy a banner. Banners can either be purchased pre-made or they can be made if you have a creative side. Focus on bright colors to attract attention to your party.

    Keep the words simple. Aloha! Welcome! The shorter the statement the better, that way you can use a larger font or take up space on your banner with appropriate pictures for your luau theme. Hawaiian flowers, palm trees, a sprawling beach scene, or other Hawaiian figures like Tiki men are graphics that will spice up your banner and bring a focus to your theme.

    The banner is good to hang outside in the backyard where the festivities are going on, but maybe you will want to hang out outside in the front near the street, so guests that might not be familiar with your address can find where the party is. Having the banner above or near the front door is also the perfect welcome for your guests.

    You can create a banner on the computer or draw it out by hand, making sure to spell out everything in as large a font as possible for all to see. Be sure to use bright colors that compliment your summer Hawaiian theme, like yellows, reds, pinks, and blues. This will help attract attention to both your banner and your party. If you don't have the time with all your other party planning to make a banner, vinyl banners can be purchased online that can be customized to your particular luau theme.

    Luau Banners
    Luau Banners

    Have your guests dress up when they come to your luau party. Of course, some will not be able to; however, you will find most do. You can then hold a best dressed contest and give the winner a prize.
    Featuring this Free Luau Party Game- Blow Pipe Shooting Game for a Tropical Hawaiian Celebration. Luau Arts and crafts are fun and many children along with adults usually enjoy them. Have some thread, beads, ribbon, color paper, glue, scissors, and tape. You can also have a coloring game for the kids, print some flower sheets and hand the children these flowers and teach them how to color and interact with other children. You will need to have some judges and they will determine which flower is the best one for the night. The best one is the winner.
    Presenting Recipes of Hawaiian Luau Chicken Dishes for a mouthwatering feast.
    In addition to sharing folk tales from Hawaii at a party, here are some more Luau Party Ideas for an amazing event.
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