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    A blank wall is a canvas waiting to be decorated with your artistic related theme ideas. Plan exciting games and activities for the guests to enjoy and tell them in the invites while keep some of it a secret until they get there. Be the hostess with the mostess with these helpful ideas.
    When planning luau parties, you simply must have a luau party menu. A true luau offers the guests several traditional Hawaiian dishes. With recipes all over the internet and in cookbooks at your local library, making luau party menus that are a success is never hard to do.

    Since luaus consist of delicious tropical food and drinks, you will want to serve the appropriate foods, such as the ones served in tropical paradises. Roasted port is traditional at luaus, but yours does not need to be prepared underground. You can have pulled pork sandwiches, or pork sausages on Hawaiian bread.

    Tropical fruits are also a big part of the menu, so an edible arrangement would be perfect. This way, guests can pick and choose from your arrangement, as if it is a snack item. You may use half a watermelon as the vessel to hold various skewers and toothpicks, which in turn hold the fruit. Cut up the watermelon, cantaloupes, and mangos, and place them on the skewers that are pushed into the watermelon vessel. Taller skewers might be in the middle or towards the back of the arrangement. Add cherries, grapes, pieces of banana, chunks of pineapple, and any other exotic fruit you can think of. Star fruit, when cut vertically displays the fruit in the form of stars to make your arrangement more interesting. Also, add berries to the mix. You will not find a more healthy snack anywhere.

    You can add delicious entrees, besides the pork, like Shrimp Casserole, which is made with shrimp, bell peppers, hard cooked eggs, butter, light cream, and cheddar cheese. Just bake it and you have a magnificent dish that your guests will adore. Seafood Lasagna can also be offered, with shrimp, crabmeat, and scallops as the main ingredients. Chicken lovers might enjoy a Tropical Chicken Salad, which includes grapes, rice, pineapple and mandarin orange pieces. Add mayo and almond slivers for a unique taste.

    And what luau would be complete without tropical cocktails? Be sure to serve pina coladas, tropical punch, and Blue Hawaiians to your guests. This would be the ultimate topper to your Luau Menu. Take a look at these popular luau recipes to create unique Luau party menus:

    Luau Menus
    Luau Menus

    You can find Hawaiian invitations just about anywhere. Online is often one of the best options for invitations because they have a wide variety. This is especially true if you are looking for party supplies and invitations of a hard to find character.
    Featuring this Free Luau Party Game- Blow Pipe Shooting Game for a Tropical Hawaiian Celebration. Luau Arts and crafts are fun and many children along with adults usually enjoy them. Have some thread, beads, ribbon, color paper, glue, scissors, and tape. You can also have a coloring game for the kids, print some flower sheets and hand the children these flowers and teach them how to color and interact with other children. You will need to have some judges and they will determine which flower is the best one for the night. The best one is the winner.
    Presenting Recipes of Hawaiian Luau Chicken Dishes for a mouthwatering feast.
    In addition to sharing folk tales from Hawaii at a party, here are some more Luau Party Ideas for an amazing event.
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